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2018-05-09 17:22  
序号 论文名称 期刊名称 发表时间    论文类别
1 Certificateless Key-insulated Generalized Signcryption Scheme without Bilinear Pairings Security & Communication Networks 2017 SCI
2 Dual-scale structural local sparse appearance model for robust object tracking NEUROCOMPUTING 2017 SCI
3 Remarkable local resampling based on particle filter for visual tracking Multimedia Tools & Applications 2017 SCI
4 Reversible data hiding with contrast enhancement and tamper localization for medical images Information Sciences 2017 SCI
5  Certificateless key-insulated generalized signcryption scheme without bilinear pairings Security and Communication Networks 2017 SCI
6 Certificate-based signature scheme in the standard model IET Information Security 2017 SCI
7 Certificateless signcryption in the standard model  
Wireless Personal Communications
2017 SCI
8 Enhancing differential evolution with commensal learning and uniform local search Chinese Journal of Electronics 2017 SCI
9 Fuzzy Keyword Search Method over Ciphertexts supporting Access Control KSII TRANSACTIONS ON INTERNET AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS 2017 SCI
10 Enhancing differential evolution with random neighbors based strategy Journal of Computational Science 2017 SCI/EI
11 Dynamic Differential Evolution with Oppositional Orthogonal Crossover for Large
Scale Optimization Problems
International Journal of Computing Science and Mathematics 2017 EI期刊
12 支持多用户协同编辑的云存储访问控制方法 计算机研究与发展 2017 EI期刊
13 求解大规模优化问题的新型协同差分进化算法 计算机应用 2017 CSCD
14 面向无线传感网数据认证的可逆信息隐藏方案 计算机工程与应用 2017 CSCD扩展/中文核心
15 基于云计算技术的迎水桥机务段生产管理信息系统设计 铁道运输与经济 2017 中文核心
16 Research on Reversible Watermarking Algorithm of Digital Image Based on Chaos Theory ICCD 2017 2017 国际会议
17 Research on Reversible Watermarking Algorithm of Digital Image Based on Chaos Theory ICCD 2017 2017 国际会议
18 The Research of Efficient Publishing of Subscription System ICCSNT 2017 国际会议
19 Identity Authentication Protection for “Spatial Watermarking + QR Code” Paper-cutting Digital Image ICNCC 2017论文集 2017 国际会议
20 Improved Sparsity Adaptive Matching Pursuit Algorithm ICCC 2017 2017 国际会议
21 Reversible Authentication of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Prediction-Error Histogram and CRC Industrial IoT 2017 2017 国际会议
22 An Improved Artifact Removal in Exposure Fusion with Local Linear Constraints ICGIP 2017 2017 国际会议
23 Local-Global Mixed Patch Matching Framework ICSPCC 2017 2017 国际会议

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